East Glacier Park, MT

Day 124     8/31     32 miles After getting into town yesterday the rest of the afternoon proved to be very productive.  First of all we had to estimate our mileage for the rest of the trail then QB was able to get all our backcountry permits squared away for Glacier NP next … Continue reading East Glacier Park, MT


Anaconda, MT

Day 112     8/19     0 miles Took a day off from hiking today and went on a little field trip up to Missoula, Montana. My mom made us breakfast sandwiches in the cabin to start the day before the car ride. QB and I had to take care of a couple errands … Continue reading Anaconda, MT

Island Park, ID

Day 92     7/30     0 miles Took a zero today in Dubois. We've got some logistical limitations coming up due to permits in Yellowstone so it made sense to spend another night in town. Plus I didn't sleep well on the floor of the church hostel last night so I could really … Continue reading Island Park, ID

Boulder, WY

Day 83     7/21     3 miles I'm glad we made it into South Pass City last night because the skies opened up again this morning. It was nice just laying in my tent waiting for the store to open rather than walk through the rain again. SPC was an old gold mining … Continue reading Boulder, WY

Rawlins, WY

Day 76     7/14     6 miles  Had a very nice time enjoying the comforts of town today. We hitched about twenty miles west to the town of Saratoga because of the better grocery store and this place ended up being a really cool little town. There was a restaurant right on the … Continue reading Rawlins, WY

Flying from Chicago, IL to Denver, CO

Day 44     6/12/17     23 miles  Today was rather productive, especially considering we didn't get out of town until quarter past ten. I had been lugging around my snowshoes for about 300 miles now and they had become a total nuisance. There was only about half a day when I actually used … Continue reading Flying from Chicago, IL to Denver, CO

Cuba, NM

Day 20     5/19     16 miles We were joined in Grants by our friend Speed who traveled down from Denver and is joining us for a stretch. Speed's an experienced hiker who's got lots of long distance miles on his legs. He's a retired scientist with the BLM(bureau of land management) and … Continue reading Cuba, NM

Pie Town 5/14/17 CDT mile 423

The mileage in the title isn't cumulative but it's the mileage for the official CDT route. Throughout my hike I'll be taking alternate routes to see cool stuff that either gain or lose mileage. The CDT is chock full of these kind of things but I'll continue to use the official mileage as reference points. … Continue reading Pie Town 5/14/17 CDT mile 423